People and technology joining forces to get across language barriers

GetAcross Interpretation

Speak with an interpreter on the phone

Non-profit initiative to help refugees freely communicate across language barriers. Refugees, aid workers, medics, officials and volunteers can speak in their own language, with the help of volunteer interpreters.

iPhone app

Are you a refugee or need help communicating with refugees? Are you fluent in two languages? Even better, do you have experience as an interpreter? Download the app!

GetAcross Translation

Next-generation collaborative solution

Often need a quick translation, and wish you had a better option than just Google Translate? GetAcross Translation combines the speed of artificial intelligence with the insight and commitment of human translators.
Are you a translator? Collaborate with a team of robots and colleagues around the world.
Are you a non-profit organisation, volunteer, or refugee? Thousands of volunteer translators and multilingual speakers are available to help.

Launching soon

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